New Wave

New Wave

Stylistic movement where graphic designers moved away from the International Style. Focusing rather on playfulness than the grid, the New Wave typographers opened the doors for future generations exploration in graphic design.

Created a new kind of form and function whilst including a more intuitive and emotional response to design and layout.

inconsistent letterspacing, varying typeweights within single words and type set at unusual angles.

Wolfgang Weingart

Wolfgang Weingart was born in 1941 in Constance, Germany. His work is categorized as Swiss typography. Also known as "the father" of New Wave or Swiss Punk typography. He is an internationally known graphic designer and typographer. 

April Greiman

April Greiman  waws born in 1948 in New York City. Recognized as one of the first designers to embrace computer technology as a design tool. Under Armin Hofmann and Wolfgang Weingart supervision, Greiman developed interest in the International Style and the style later known as ‘New Wave’.